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November 2018

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I Am Soooooo excited!!!
Friday. 3.4.11 9:52 pm
unquenchably happy
listening to: Pantera
watching: Jeopardy
I probably don't seem the type... but I'm going to see CATS!!! 2nd Row Center!! Best seats in the place!! I'm SOOOO excited. Hell... excited?? I feel like a poor white trash girl from downtown that won front row tickets to a Hannah Montana concert!!
Tonight, however, my sister and I are going out to karaoke at the bar... much fun... even if i don't drink...

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Monster Trucks and Laser Tag...
Tuesday. 2.22.11 11:04 am
mood: overcaffeinatedandhappycauselifeisgood
I must say that this has been THE most fun i've had in a LONG time.

Sunday: Daytona 500 AND Monster Jam
I am a DIEHARD fan of all things motorsports related so I was pretty psyched up to win Monster Jam tickets from the radio station. We ended up watching the first 2/3 of the race at home... then listened to the end of it on the radio from the Arena. Trevor Bayne won the race... youngest person ever to win the Daytona 500... Go Trevor!!
Monster Jam was AWESOME!!!! The noise is so loud that it's almost a living thing. I've seen all the trucks on TV but NOTHING compares to seeing and hearing them live. They had Megasaurus too... for those who dunno what that is... it's a fire breathing robot that literally tears cars in half. It was pretty cool. The jet powered golf cart scared the hell out of me, though. All told.... it was a BLAST!!
Monday: Laser Tag
I had my niece this weekend while my sister and her boyfriend went to Seattle... so... when they returned... we all went for a round of laser tag... which turned into 3 rounds of laser tag and dinner!! I've never felt more appreciated for things I do for people. (OMG... the MONKEES are going on TOUR!?!? Can we say....OLD PEOPLE??)

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Sunday. 2.13.11 1:19 am
THEY SUCK I would like just ONE night of easy breathing, no insanely itchy nose, puffy eyes and painful sneezing. *sigh*

In Other News

I am FAR less ready to abuse/mutilate my neighbor today. This is a good thing. I also had a little bit of kid-free time. Life is good.

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Another Job For Murderworks Incorporated
Saturday. 2.12.11 6:00 am
Ok... I am now officially PISSED. This psychopathic neighbor of mine is about to get her shit-talking drama queen ass hurt. I have dealt with all I can take and this Little Miss Innocent act ain't cutting it. Assaulting my friend (i have pictures to prove it) is BULLSHIT!! My 4 year old was passed out not 10 feet and a closed door away from this.... then she threatens ME??... just woke up from a dead fucking sleep and totally not knowing WTF is going on... HELL FUCKING NO I ain't putting up with it for another second. She wants a fight... she's got it!

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Pit Bulls Are Not All Bad...
Tuesday. 2.8.11 2:03 am
Ok... i realize this is a sensitive thing to talk about but i need to get this off my chest.. If you're going to weigh in, please realize that you are entitled to an opinion but that doesn't mean you're right. Thank You
My Take On Pit Bulls

Saying that all pit bulls are bad because some of them hurt children is EXACTLY the same as hating all black people because some of them are in gangs that kill children. I would trust a well trained and properly socialized pit bull before I'd trust 99% of people I know. I spent 2 years rescuing them in Hawaii and yes... I have seen a few that could not be saved but they can be as good with people as any little lap dog.

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The StupidBowl
Sunday. 2.6.11 12:45 pm
Ok.... I'm not a football fan. I'm a hockey fan. i have absolutely NO love for EITHER team playing... That being said... GO STEELERS!! I just can't bring myself to root for a team called the Packers

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Finally Found My PASSWORD!!!
Friday. 2.4.11 12:09 pm
PBS Kids

actually... i knew my password... i just forgot the - in my name!! So... hopefully now i can post here regularly! Go Me!!

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Saturday. 10.23.10 4:58 am
Tired AND eeeeeeeeeevil
listening to:
98.9 KKZK
The clock
I am bored.. It is 2AM.. Iam actually considering signing my sister's ex up for a BUNCH of gay porn... and maybe a gay social networking site...
I hate sleeping all day.... you end up being awake at 2am plotting eeeeeeeevil deeds.

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Things I Won't Tolerate
1. Drama
2. Disloyalty
3. Stupidity
4. Abusers
Our Mission
Our goal is to eliminate rampant stupidity....
One dead dumb shmoo at a time....
My Thoughts
Stupidity kills.... but not NEARLY enough. Whatake ever happened to survival of the fittest? If you're dumb enough to do something dangerous.... you don't deserve to live anyway.
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